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Corporate device purchase & recycling
In case you are a charity, company or some other organisation of similar genre, then collect five devices to sell. We provide you with immaculate services that is safe, secured, and robust on all ground.

Get in touch with us by filling in the following form. You can get in touch with us on normal working hours or days to know more.

We ascertain of a great value for the phone you would be selling. Our 100% secured processing includes the following-
  • Free, insured, and secured collection
  • Certified data deletion
  • Best price in the market
  • Quick Redressal and turnaround
At us you would get the flexible and highly-secured services that would help to meet the requirement.

A designated person would be collecting the device directly from your place.

After the devices are received at our centre, thorough inspection and valuation would be carried out prior to the estimation of the price.

At us you would get the certified data deletion ascertaining that the present data or information is completely removed from the services.
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